Published: 2012-06-26

The dynamic origins of positive health and wellbeing

C. Robert Cloninger, Ihsan M. Salloum, Juan E. Mezzich


Evaluators and assessment process in Person-centred Integrative Diagnosis

Janet Wallcraft, Michaela Amering, Sigrid Steffen, Ihsan M. Salloum


The Medication Adherence Report Scale (MARS-5) in a Swedish sample with bipolar disorder - a pilot study

Annika Bäck, Karolina Andersson Sundell, Robert Horne, Mikael Landén, Ann-Charlotte Mårdby


Lower pain thresholds in women with chronic pelvic pain: recognizing the role of anxiety and depression as part of person-centered approaches to treatment

Liana Gomide, Mary Lourdes Lima de Souza Montenegro, Antônio Alberto Nogueira, Omero Benedicto poli Poli, Júlio César Rosa e Silva, Francisco José Candido dos Reis


Detection and management of hospital malnutrition: General guidelines versus “on the ward” sensitization.

Celine Michel, Anne Spinewine, Ariane Mouzon, Jean-Daniel hecq, Jacques Jamart, Alain Dive, bruno krug


Does clinical handover promote situation awareness? Implications for person-centered healthcare

Cinzia Pezzolesi, Tanya Manser, Fabrizio Schifano, Andrzej Kostrzewski, John Pickles, Harriet Nicholls, Daniel Fishman, Arshad Mubarik, Soraya Dhillon


Evaluation of the training program efficiency on medical errors and patient safety

Bruno Krug, Anne-Sophie Cornet, veronique nonet, jacques jamart, Isabelle Labar, veronique gerard, François-Marie gerard, dominique van pee