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Fernando Lolas


Objectives: To present a conceptual and medical perspective on studies on wellbeing
and its determinants.
Method: The notion of well-being as a transient state and as a stable trait is
considered conceptually.
Results and Discussion: This consideration uncovers several linguistic dimensions
relevant to well-being: subjectivity, multidimensionality, dynamism, contextdependency,
complexity. These are related to the notions of health and quality of
life, discussing the narrative dimensions of personal experience and the need to
consider the psychophysiological triad composed of behavior, mentation, and
physiology in the evaluation.
Conclusion: The humanistic dimension of well-being and its determinants should
be considered as a precondition for an attempt at a biopsychosocial/integrative
approach. The methodical approach represented by overt language behavior is
emphasized as important.

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Fernando Lolas, University of Chile and at Central University

Professor at the University of Chile and at Central University (Santiago); Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Studies in Bioethics (University of Chile)