The patient's subjective dimension within a Psychiatry for the Person -

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Rebecca Schennach
Michael Riedel
Hans-Jürgen Möller


Aim of this article is to present an overview of quality of life as the patient's subjective dimension in psychiatry. Historical aspects as well as the development of the subjective dimension within psychiatric care are discussed. In a first step, different assessment tools to generally measure quality of life and the patient's subjective experience within psychiatry are introduced and the pros and cons will be balanced. In a second step, specific assessment tools developed for specific patient samples such as patients with schizophrenia or patients suffering from an affective illness are furthermore introduced to the reader. Advantages of the application of such assessment strategies also in daily clinical practice are discussed and in a third step relevant therapeutic strategies and consequences of evaluating and considering the patient's subjective dimension within psychiatry are presented. On the background of increasing evidence advising to incorporate the patient's personal and subjective dimension into the treatment procedure this article provides and excellent overview on how to examine and evaluate this subjective dimension and on what therapeutical consequences to adopt to improve the care of patients in psychiatry.

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