Shared Decision-making in Maternal and Newborn Health in Burkina Faso

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Janet Perkins
Cecilia Capello
Aminata Bargo
Carlo Santarelli


Community participation in decision-making within the health sector is an essential component in advancing efforts toward primary health care (PHC). Since 2006, Enfants du Monde, a Swiss non-governmental organization (NGO), in collaboration with the local NGO Fondation pour le Développement Communautaire/Burkina Faso (FDC/BF), has been supporting the Ministry of Health (MoH) to include communities in decision-making related to maternal and newborn health (MNH) services. Notably, participatory community assessments (PCA) are conducted to provide a platform for community members to discuss MNH needs and be involved in the decision-making within the health sector. During the PCAs, participants identify and prioritize needs and propose solutions to improve MNH, solutions which are then integrated in the annual district health action plan. Integrated interventions include: promotion of birth preparedness and complication readiness; training health care providers in counselling skills; building awareness of men on MNH issues and their capacity to support women; and strengthening community bodies to manage obstetrical and neonatal complications. The inclusion of these interventions has contributed to the advancement of PHC in three regions in Burkina Faso.     

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