International Mental Health Perspectives on Person Centered Integrated Care

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Roy Abraham Kallivayalil
Kabir Garg
Adarsh Tripathi


 Modern medicine, with all its scientific and technological advancements overshadowing the humanistic components, has time and again found to be falling short of the expectations of clients and service providers alike. Person Centered Integrated Care has been rapidly gaining momentum as the reply to the current shortcomings of health care delivery and has consistently been ranked as desirable. The need of the hour is to take coordinated and consolidated steps in this direction. This requires research, changes in the education and training system of the physicians and integration of service delivery. The present article discusses these avenues and outlines international efforts in this direction, with a special focus on mental health care. 

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Roy Abraham Kallivayalil, Dept of Psychiatry Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences, Thiruvalla, India

Professor & Head, Dept of Psychiatry, Pushpagiri Institute of Medical Sciences, Thiruvalla, India Awarded MBBS from Med College, Kottayam (1977), DPM from Madurai Medical College (1980) and MD (Psychiatry) from Post graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh, India in 1984. Was Professor & Head, Dept of Psychiatry, Govt Medical College, Kottayam and Trichur and later Principal at Co-operative Medical College, Kochi.Positions Previously held:State President, Indian Medical Association Kerala Chapter (1998-1999).State President, Indian Psychiatric Society, Kerala Chapter (1995-1996)General Secretary, Indian Psychiatric Society (2002 – 2006).Secretary General, SAARC Psychiatric Federation (2004-2006)Current Positions:President-Elect, Indian Psychiatric Society, New DelhiPresident, Indian Association for Social PsychiatryPresident, National Alliance for Mental Health (NAMH), IndiaCo -Chairman, Preventive Psychiatry Section, World Psychiatric Association, GenevaMember, International Network for Person Centered Med (INPCM), New YorkMember,Faculty of Medicine& Tech,Cochin University of Science and TechnologyAssociate Editor, Indian Journal of PsychiatryAwards & HonoursGovt of Kerala Best Doctor Award, 2007SAARC Psychiatric Federation Award, Kathmandu 2006Ramachandra N. Moorthy National Award for distinguished service in the field of Psychiatry for the year 1998-99 by Indian Medical Association, New Delhi.IMA CGP National award for health administration - Indian Medical Association (2000).


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