Person Centred Medicine for the old patient with special reference to the person with dementia

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Jon Snaedal


The concept of old age differs as the pension age differs between countries and because there is no consensus of the boundaries between middle age and old age, neither socially nor medically. The old patient (i.e. the geriatric patient) constitutes a special challenge for the health care providers because of the often complex presentation of diseases, the frequency of cognitive impairment and specific social circumstances. The old person with dementia requires special attention because of his/her cognitive derangement and the need-driven dementia-compromised behaviours. The person centred approach seems to be relevant to this age group and several programs exist using this ideology, especially in the care of the demented person. 

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Third Geneva Conference on Person-Centered Medicine: Person-centered Clinical Care Activities
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Jon Snaedal, Geriatric Department National University Hospital Landakot v/Tungotu IS 101 Reykjavik

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