Supporting healthcare professionals systematically to improve the quality and person-centeredness of fibromyalgia management in primary healthcare

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Yvonne van Eijk-Hustings
Mariëlle Kroese
Monique Bessems-Beks
Robert Landewé
Bert Vrijhoef


Objective: To improve the quality and person-centeredness of primary healthcare for fibromyalgia patients by supporting healthcare professionals.Methods: The Chronic Care Model was used as a framework to develop combined interventions: an educational program, a multidisciplinary guideline and a checklist for referral, for general practitioners and physical therapists in two regions in the South of the Netherlands. After the educational program, the guideline and the checklist for referral were tested in daily practice during 6 months. A pre-post design was used to measure changes in fibromyalgia care as perceived by the healthcare professionals. Changes were measured by the “Assessment Chronic Illness Care” (ACIC) questionnaire. The questionnaire evaluates team opinions about the level and nature of improvements in response to interventions. Feasibility of the guideline and the checklist for referral was asked for in interviews.Results: Guideline and checklist for referral were tested by 12 general practitioners and 23 physical therapists, forming 12 “practice teams”. After the 6 month test period, the ACIC showed statistically significant improvements in all elements of care. Guideline and checklist for referral were found feasible.Conclusions: Healthcare professionals in primary care reported improvements in fibromyalgia care, but also faced difficulties in changing daily practice. Additional activities are needed for further care improvement. Future research should examine the generalisibility of findings and whether and how an improved quality of care is perceived by fibromyalgia patients.

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Robert Landewé

Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, Academic Medical Centre / University of Amsterdam & Atrium Medical Centre Heerlen,


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