International Federation of Medical Students Association: Views on Person-centered Medicine

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Remco Kruithof
Chijioke Chikere Kaduru


The IFMSA is a non-political and non-profit organization recognized as one of the oldest and largest student-run organizations in the world. IFMSA was established in 1951 to serve as a platform for unity, collaboration and peace amongst international medical students. IFMSA has since expanded to include more than 100 national member organizations, representing over 1.2 million medical students worldwide. The IFMSA is officially recognized by the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the World Medical Association as the voice for international medical students and is invited to many of their annual conferences. Amongst these conferences is the World Health Assembly organized by the WHO where the IFMSA represents the views of future physicians on international health concerns. The IFMSA’s activities range from raising awareness on public health, human rights and reproductive health issues to involving students actively in medical curricula reforms and medical education. Our activities also encompass the largest international student exchange program, with more than 11,000 medical students given the opportunity to experience medicine and research as practiced in countries other than their own. Our activities are initiated by students either to supplement their education as future health care practitioners, or to try to fill in a gap in their health system in support of the health of the population. Medical Education is at the core of IFMSA and is at the center of all our activities, given the need to ensure a new generation of better educated and better equipped doctors.

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Third Geneva Conference on Person-Centered Medicine: Special Initiatives for Person-centered Care