Personality in Russian psychology and psychiatry

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Valery Krasnov


A review of historical developments in Russian psychiatry that support person-centered approaches is presented. A proper orientation to the patient’s personality and a correct use of the intact personality properties along with an understanding of patient’s values and societal context as the basis for individual treatment policy are rooted in Russian psychiatric tradition which evolved in close interaction with national psychological schools, specifically, the cultural-historical concept of mental development (Vygotsky) and activity theory (Leontyev et al.). Contemporary psychiatric practice is frequently based on other theories. However, there are exceptions, i.e. a naturalistic study that is used as an illustration of effective person-oriented treatment of organic brain damage. This article describes a cohort of patients with organic psychosyndrome (without pronounced dementia features) of predominantly cerebrovascular nature that developed in persons exposed to the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.

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Contributions to the advancement of person-centered care


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