Bulgarian Person centered Public Health Project:Towards introduction of the person centered care model in the global medical education politics

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Drozdstoy Stoyanov Stoyanov
Jeliazko Ivanov Hristov
Bianka Tornyova
Donka Dimitrova


According to our analysis the contemporary Global Education Politics (GEP) in Medicine is still dominated by technocratic cognitive framework and content. It is crucial in this sense to develop a novel educational framework for graduation in medicine with the Person Centered Care concept implemented in it, as formulated by the president of WPA Juan E Mezzich. The latter is strongly connected with the comprehensive assessment and values-based medical practice, introduced by KWM Fulford. Some of the outstanding training programs in medicine, dentistry and public health are already designed according to this novel approach. There are extended in the curriculum such items, asv     Society’s Health and Ethics (Ethics and Public Health, pointers of values based practice, values, evidence and ethics);v     Health research with main focus on epistemology and methodology;v     Personal Life Psychology (life cycles, relationships, cultural diversity, life style planning, stress management);v     Adverse life events (breaking of bad news, disability, grief and bereavement, euthanasia, suicide);v     Doctor-patient relationship (patient-centered consultation, problem solving and critical thinking, dealing with uncertainty and professional mistakes), etc.Insofar global medical education demonstrates progress from facts (evidence) based to integrative values-and-facts clinical education and management. This should be considered in respect to the Bulgarian medical model, which was designed according to the retrospective German and Russian standards in the past century. There is a challenging but nevertheless advantageous opportunity for reassessment of this model. In the context of the international movement for person-centered medicine Bulgarian Public Health institutions are facing the demand for proactive attunement of the medical curriculum with the requirements of global strategy for introduction of this model in the medical education and postgraduate training..

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Third Geneva Conference on Person-Centered Medicine: Special Initiatives for Person-centered Care
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Drozdstoy Stoyanov Stoyanov, University of Medicine, Plovdiv

Faculty of Public Health, associate professor

Jeliazko Ivanov Hristov, University of Medicine, Plovdiv

Faculty of Public Health, full professor

Bianka Tornyova, University of Medicine, Plovdiv

Faculty of Public Health, associate professor

Donka Dimitrova, University of Medicine, Plovdiv

Faculty of Public Health, assistant professor