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1. A Great Quality Skateboard Helmet

The results of a Serious head injury create skateboard helmet security your first priority. Skateboarders drop a lot, particularly since you find new moves and suggestions. Depending upon your speed, distance to the floor, ground hardness (a wooden ramp vs. a concrete barrier), and other aspects, you can undergo a serious headache.   Best Small Affordable Value First Budget Complete Skateboard Best Price

Important skateboard Protective equipment notice: there is presently no US law that requires manu facturers to meet a particular safety standard for a multifunctional helmet. The ASTM certification is voluntary, not mandatory. Thus, a skateboard helmet may or may not take the ASTM certificate.

If You're in the Market to get a multifunctional helmet, search for these features:

· Purchase a helmet from a Respectable maker, such as Bell, ProTec, SixSixOne or Giro. The established businesses have the tools to design and warrant their skate helmets.

· Check to find out whether the helmet is ASTM F-1492 certified, as proven with an ASTM certification sticker on the inside of the helmet. Though not mandatory, this really is wonderful to have.

For further Security, you might choose to look for a helmet that is dual certified to the ASTM F-1492 skateboard and the CPSC bike standards.

Don't mess with Skateboard helmet security. Get yourself a good quality skateboard helmet. Make sure it matches nicely, feels great, and looks good. Then, WEAR IT!

2. Skateboard Knee Pads / Skateboard Elbow Pads

A good pair of Skateboard knee pads and skateboard knee pads can help absorb impacts and prevent nasty abrasions from sliding on surfaces that are rough. Skate Pads Combo Packs are an affordable means to groom yourself with glider and knee elbow pads, and several also include things like skate wrist guards.

3. Skate Wrist Guards

Skateboard injury Statistics show that wrist accidents are the most common skateboarding injury. When you drop, your natural response is to reach for the floor. This places large impact forces on your wrists and triggers a lot of injuries.

Great quality skate Wrist guards can help stop a wrist injury. The two basic types are:

· Skate wrist guards with no fingers

· Skateboard gloves with integrated wrist guards

Both types have Splints beneath the leather which communicates the impact and lessen the opportunity of a wrist injury.

4. A Pair of Allergic Skate Shorts



Padded skate shorts Help safeguard your buttocks, tailbone, hips, and thighs from impact and abrasions. Padded skate shirts are very popular with our customers, since they create falling substantially less debilitating and reduce soreness. Trust us, you will actually enjoy cushioned skate shorts after a day on the street or at the skate park! Plus, you can be numerical and hide them under your shorts, so no one will know...

5. Skateboard Ankle and Shin Guards

If the plan is to ride Hard at the park near rails, constructions, or other rigid objects, think about some ankle and shin guards to stop big blue and black spots from appearing throughout your lower legs.

This checklist will Help you select the ideal skate pads and skateboard protective gear. Before you drop in. . .get protected!

Jim Bartlett is the President of XSportsProtective, a leading online retailer and expert on skateboard protective equipment, including tractors helmets, such as Bell, Giro, SixSixOne and ProTec skateboard helmets; skate pads, skate wrist guards and a whole lot more

Online Skateboard Gear Shop Started By Eleven Year-old

The son of some Skateboarder,'' Spencer Semien was about a skateboard himself by the time he was three years old.

"All of a sudden, Skateboarding became his passion," says his mom, Marla Sneed. Best Small Affordable Value First Budget Complete Skateboard

As every parent knows, a Kid's passion can be quite costly and Spencer needed a part-time occupation to confirm his skateboarding activities. He had a fascination with computers and, in reality, had assembled a personal web site, so constructing one dedicated to skateboarding has been the logical next step. With the support of his mom and also a Denver-area pawn store, the 11-year old got his website up and running. The official release date was Oct. 21 of this past year.

First of All, the Website markets skateboarding gear to intermediate-level skaters as well as higher. Skaters can buy pre-assembled complete decks (that's a fully assembled skateboard) in addition to individual parts and accessories, all from wheels, to hold tape, (intended to give the skater a surer foothold on the plank ), to multifunctional mend tools, to the newest in security equipment.

And those that switch From skateboarding in the hot weather in the winter haven't been ignored; the site also supplies a ski section with a selection of snowboards and protective equipment.

Along with serving As a gear provide headquarters, the site provides a full variety of skateboarding services. 
Website visitors can get a technical support page, which offers advice on which skateboard might best serve their needs, or research (and buy ) plans for creating a skateboarding ramp in the very own.

Website visitors can Accessibility a technical support page, which offers advice on which feasibility may best fit their needs, or research (and purchase) plans for creating a skateboarding ramp in the very own.

For the current skaters, The site makes use of video technology. Video clips permitting aspiring skaters to examine tricks performed by people Spencer has chosen as"worthy of being supervised" by his website are represented. After several days of seeing"sponsor me" videos, a select few were selected to get fame and completely free product from this site.

The Website also caters To individuals that aren't skaters, such as parents of skaters or people who want to become more knowledgeable about a friend's favourite pastime. A background section details the evolution of skateboarding, in the early 1900s to the present day, with the focus being on the evolution of the true skateboard and skateboarding competitions, but also taking care to deal with the problems that have plagued the sport through the years, specifically, issues dealing with security.

As tough as it may be For the current corps of all skaters to think , there has been a time when nobody thought about placing a helmet and protective padding prior to putting on a walker. And in the late'70s, many public skateboard parks have been shut down because of accountability problems. Instead of whitewash these issues, the website points out them.

By maybe clearing up Some misconceptions about skateboarding, this website appears to be working to boost its base line, while embarking on improving the development of the sport.

That Is Why alone, The website is some thing Spencer Semien and his mom should be quite proud of.

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