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Hugh Morales

Bio Statement In this article, I will discuss what I feel is the best Android TV Box and why.

Android TV Boxes are also referred to as Kodi Boxes due to the popular application that many people use on them.

I will look at multiple factors such as ease of use, processing power, available RAM (memory), open ecosystem,  and price.

I have been using Kodi since it first came out in 200as XBMC (Xbox Media Center).

We are fortunate that we live in a time where it is easy to find an inexpensive device that will run Kodi and other APKs without using a computer.

The options available on the market allow us to plug a small device into the HDMI port on our television and away we go, its truly amazing where this technology has taken us since 2002.

Android TV Box definition

My definition is any type of device that you can connect to your television which is powered by the Android Operating System.  This would include Fire TV/Stick, NVIDIA SHIELD, Mi Box, and the general Android boxes that run stock Android.

When looking at various Android TV Boxes, there are a few aspects that I examine to determine whether I want to use it or not.

Most devices that are meant for streaming media work very well in this area.  However, there are some generic Android TV Boxes that suffer when it comes to using various applications.

Generic Android TV Boxes

You can think of stock Android as the same operating system that is loaded onto phones and tablets and not optimized for the TV screen.

The second feature that I look at is the processing power that the device comes equipped with.  Usually, if it is capable of streaming 4K video, the processing power will be sufficient for an Android TV Box.

Another reason I seek strong processing power is because I use a VPN when using Kodi to protect my privacy.

The third is how much RAM (memory) comes installed on the Android TV Box.  I feel that the device must have at least 1.GB of RAM.  One of the biggest gripes regarding streaming applications is buffering.

Next, is whether or not the operating system allows us to install or side-load apps such as Cinema APK. and various IPTV applications.  How open is the ecosystem on the device?  Can we side-load other 3rd party applications?  This is a big one that people forget to think about.

As of this writing, the most open operating system for a streaming device is the Android platform.  If the operating system on the Android TV Box is based off the Android operating system, its a good choice.

Android TV Boxes running stock operating system

Unfortunately, I have heard countless complaints from people who have purchased these Android TV Boxes that are distributed from China and when they stop working, there is nobody to contact for support.

Also, recently Netflix has stopped working on many Android TV Boxes that run stock Android as they are now requiring licenses for manufacturers.

Again, I enjoy using them and they are a great choice if you want to save some money and you are technically proficient at fixing them when problems arise.

July 12, 2019

Just like the majority of other hardware and software technologies, Kodi boxes have come a long way during the last couple of years. Today, these media streaming devices can store your entire media collection, in addition to providing an endless media library via Kodi addons. Not to mention, many of them can play 4K videos and advanced video formats, thanks to the latest generation CPUs and GPUs. The only question is – what’s the best Kodi box in 2019? Which ones provide the best value for their price? Well, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ll let you know about of the truly best Kodi boxes right now.

To answer all your questions, we’ve done extensive research. We’ve prepared a series of popular Kodi boxes suitable for different budgets and needs. And as you can expect, all of the following devices can run Kodi natively – even the recently released Kodi v1Leia. This means that you can take full advantage of Kodi and use this application without any limits.

Weight: 0.0lbs.

The latest Fire TV Stick is even better and more functional compared to the other devices in the same price range. Great post to read. We can’t neglect the fact that all its amazing features come under such a dirt-cheap price tag. Here’s an interesting fact – the latest version of this media streamer is 30% faster than the older one, according to its official website. This new version also includes built-in Alexa support, which can be used to interact with Fire OS. However, if you’re buying this product, needless to say, accessing Kodi is only one of its numerous great options.

PROS: Access to hundreds of apps; Polished UI; Travel-friendly; Plenty of third-party apps; Easy to set-up and use.

Weight: 1.0lbs.

Powered by Fire OS, Fire TV Cube comes with access to thousands of apps. You can use pretty much any popular media streaming service, and of course, there’s Kodi as well. Fire TV Cube lets you stream in 4K UHD and up to 60fps. There’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Dolby Atmos support. And let’s not forget to say that it’s compatible with any TV, cable or satellite set-top box, sound bar, and A/V receiver.