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Bio Statement Tradeable Packages - Play the Offline Draft FUT 18Tradeable Packages - Play the Offline Draft FUT 18

Many players complained that the online draft is very difficult and the rewards are quite bad. A smart way to earn packages and to test your pack luck in Ultimate Team 18 is the Offline Draft with FIFA 18 free points. Packages you earn in the Offline Draft are quite good and are available for sale.

The EA 5% tax on each player you sell

With every player you sell, you pay 5% tax. This is not such a big problem with small transfers with Free coins hack FIFA 18. With larger transfers, it is important to consider the 5% tax.


An example: 
Buy a player card for 4500 coins. 
Sell player card for 4600 on the transfer market. 
You have just lost 125 coins.


FUT 18 - The Bronze Pack MethodFUT 18 - The Bronze Pack Method

If you just start playing FUT 18, it's a good idea to use the Bronze Pack method. Open a few bronze packages for 400 or 750 coins and see the coins coming in.


In bronze packages are many consumer items worth a few hundred coins (player fitness, squad fitness and healing cards). Also, do not forget to properly view the bronze players in the packages. Some Bronze players will sell well if SBC is active!


Do not sell bronze players Mobile legends hack tool that are not worth anything. Keep them in your club and wait for prices to rise. Or use the bronze players from your club for an upgrade SBC.