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How Synthetic Urine Can Be Used

by anthony daniel (2019-01-04)

 Have you recently heard all the ravings about synthetic urine? You have probably at least seen one to two news stories on the tube about how people are using the substance to try to fake drug tests, but do you really know what synthetic urine is and what its purpose it? That is exactly what you are going to discover below.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

You can probably guess from the name that synthetic urine is nothing more than fake pee. Well, you might not know that the stuff is manufactured to closely resemble human urine that is clean and has no trace of any substance at all.

The urine is so close to real urine that people are actually using it to pass drug tests. In fact, many states have moved to get the substance banned.

Synthetic urine contains the exact levels of creatine, uric acid, urea, nitrates, and pH levels that are found in human urine. The stuff even gives off a real urine smell, which is pretty impressive along with the fact that it contains the adequate balance of minerals and water.

Passing Drugs Tests

Well, first and foremost synthetic urine is widely used by people that are looking to pass drug tests. As you learned from above synthetic piss is so similar to real urine that it can virtually fool any urine test.

Since it doesn’t contain any foreign substances like opiates, marijuana, cocaine, or any other illegal drugs the fake urine is the perfect solution for anyone looking to pass a urine test. In fact, this is probably where synthetic urine is most widely used.

That being said people are actually surprised to learn that synthetic urine actually has many more uses. You can read more about it on


Testing Baby Diapers

Synthetic urine is perfect when it comes to testing baby diapers. Many diaper manufacturers use the substance to test the absorption rate of their diapers. Sure, they could test them on actual babies, but synthetic urine provides a quicker solution.

Synthetic Urine Used In Scientific Experiments

Did you know that there are many science experiments out there that require the use of urine? Well, there are and it seems that the scientific community has turned to synthetic urine to as an alternative to human urine.

Why would scientists use synthetic urine when they could easily get human urine? 
The truth of the matter is that synthetic urine is a more viable option because it has a longer shelf life as compared to actual urine, which gives it the ability to be transported anywhere.

Synthetic Urine Used In Alternative Medicine

It turns out that the medical community has a high use for synthetic urine as well. Synthetic urine is being used in what is known as urine therapy. The most common use of synthetic urine in the medical community is using it to treat jellyfish and urchin stings. There is no scientific evidence back this, but it has been reported that there are