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The Sixth Geneva Conference and Person-centered Health Research

Juan E Mezzich, James Appleyard, Michel Botbol, Tesfa Ghebrehiwet, Joanna Groves, Ihsan Salloum, Sandra van Dulmen


The articulation of science and humanism has been from the outset one of the keystones of our programmatic initiative on person centered medicine. This involves the notion that the scientific method is what gives science its foundations and at the same time represents one of the principal strategies and tools to understand, formulate and intervene in crucial and paramount human concerns and activities such as health. A scientific approach to health and health care, from the perspective of person centered medicine, involves not only attending to organs and diseases (preferential topics in much of contemporary medicine), but more broadly to the whole field of human health, including ill health and positive health, within which organs and diseases are inscribed.


Person Centered Medicine, Geneva Conferences, Geneva Declaration, person-centered health research, World Medical Association, World Health Organization, International Alliance of Patients' Organizations.

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