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Drozdstoj (Drossi) Stoyanov was born on July, 20th 1980 in Sofia, Bulgaria in the family of outstanding psychiatrists. He graduated from the high school at the age of 15 (1996), and received his MD from the Medical University of Sofia at the age of 21 (2002). Prof. Stoyanov developed and defended a PhD thesis in the field of neurology and psychiatry in 2005, certified in December 2007 by the Government Specialty Board with the rank of Psychiatrist and was elected associate professor of medical psychology in 2008. He is co-founder of the Balkan Association of History and Philosophy of Medicine (2005) as well as the Balkan Academy for Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology (2007) and designed the peer-reviewed project for the establishment of the first University Centre in Philosophy and Mental Health (UCPMH) in South-Eastern and Central Europe. The Centre organized two consequent international symposia in the field in 2008 and 2009. Prof. Stoyanov was invited at the discretion of the Chair into the Philosophy Special Interest Group of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2007 and was awarded Postgraduate Certificate in Philosophy of Mental Health from the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom in October 2010. In 2009 the Center for Philosophy of Science, University of Pittsburgh, USA elected Prof. Stoyanov for Visiting Fellow.

Prof. Stoyanov hold the position of Vice Dean for International Affairs of the Faculty of Public Health, University of Medicine, Plovdiv from 2009 to 2011. Since 2011 he has been appointed assoc. professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology and Special Advisor Strategic Parnerships to the Vice Rector. Besides he still acts as Deputy Director and Scientific Secretary of the Expert Board of UCPMH and works as practicing psychiatrist in the ‘St. Ivan Rilski’ State Psychiatric Hospital.

He published and/or edited about 140 papers, four monographs and three textbooks and received a number of awards for his research such as Hippocratic Medal from the International Hippocratic Foundation for his contributions in philosophy of medicine. Drossi’s latest publications are on the convergent trans-disciplinary validity of the methods and categories in psychology and psychiatry.

Since 2007 Prof. Stoyanov acts as a member of the Editorial board, secretary coordinator (2009) and most recently as Deputy Editor-in-chief (2010) of the International Annual for History and Philosophy of Medicine. Besides he has been Chair of Conceptual group in the Global Network for Diagnosis and Classification launched by the World Psychiatric Association (2008) as well as member of the teaching committee of the European Association for Communication in Healthcare (2010-2012).

In 2012 Prof. Stoyanov has been appointed Vice Chair of the Executive Committee PSIG, Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK.


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